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It all begins by engaging your audience. CycloneBuzz is the right tool for the job! Fun and engaging lead capture.

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CycloneBuzz features

What CycloneBuzz can do for you

Custom Branding

Upload your company logo to create a unique on-brand experience.

Lead Capture

Select the types of data you want to capture before each game play session.

Prizes and Inventory Control

Intuitively add prizes to your games. Even control inventory so you don't exceed your prize inventory.

Easy to customize

Customize with your logo, prizes, and types of data you need to capture from your audience.

Ubiquitious Access

CycloneBuzz works on any modern standard browesr. All you need is internet connectivity and you're ready to capture leads.

Powerful analytics

The best marketers measure their sales funnels. Use our robust dashboards to track gameplay and other essential analytics.

Why CycloneBuzz?

If you're looking for an easy-to-use solution that doesn't sacrifice fun gameplay, look no further. CycloneBuzz is the tool you need!

Robust lead capture before each game session

Capture the data you need, and only the data you need before each play.


Fun prizes that you configure

CycloneBuzz allows you to setup your own prizes for truly unique and targeted gameplay.


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I used to get so many visitors on my Facebook page, but never had any data to contact them. Spincapture has helped me bridge the gap with their fun gamification of the lead generation campaigns. Highly recommended for businesses looking to generate leads from Facebook.

— Jennifer Hu, Independent Beauty Consultant

Much better than the boring lead collection forms. My visitors now love the campaigns that I create using Spincapture, and specially love the PrizeWheel campaign to win discounts. Brides have never been happier.

— Sharon Grey, Bridal Gown Designer

With so much competition in short term loan business, Spincapture's campaigns have really given my business an edge. Visitors happily give away their information on my campaigns and have fun playing too.

— Rupert Mayson Debt Consolidation Expert

Generating leads was never such fun. I have more time now to concentrate on my business while Spincapture generates leads for me 24x7. Facebook and Instagram have turned into a massive lead generation tools for me by using Spincapture campaigns.

— David Lee Freelance web designer